Quality Assurance

Quality assurance plays a crucial role in producing quality products, reducing material waste, and increasing our customers’ satisfaction. Our production team is fully aware of quality determinants ranging from raw material selection and preparation to routine maintenance and proper settings of pivotal parts of production lines. We have groups of experienced inspectors and technicians deployed to these key positions for monitoring and intervention in case that issues arise.

Our quality assurance includes but is not limited to the following 4 components:


1. Pre-feeding inspection

Pre-feeding inspection involves testing and verifying the quality of each raw material, such as all chemicals, resins, plasticizers, pigments, fabrics, and packing materials. This inspection allows only right or quality material to be employed for production, minimize or eliminate the possibility of producing defective products.

2. Online Inspection

As a key step to ensure that the selected raw materials apt according to the internal and external specifications, our online inspection is to verify and approve the previously inspected raw material as per customer specifications (color, feel, weight, thickness, finish, etc.), and our internal specifications during production process. 

3.  In-Process Inspection


In-process inspection involves checking and adjusting all the settings along whole production lines to ensure the predefined process parameters are exactly followed. Efficient quality assurance methods are implemented such as error proofing system in automatic temperature controls, alarming light system for detection and display of set readings on all coating heads.  Throughout whole production processes, technicians are stationed at key positions for continuous checks of thickness, width and weight, so that any issues in these regards can be immediately reported and addressed by our perfect control system in all coating heads to adjust related parameters.


4. Final Inspection


Final inspection consists of testing and verifying of physical parameters and visual appearance per all customer specifications by inspection machines or trained inspectors. Only the rolls which pass both visual and physical parameters are approved for dispatch to customers.